Mygon Location Based M-commerceMygon Locatation Based M-commerce

Client Application Features:
  • Location Based offers and deals
  • Rewards management system
  • Set distance as preferences to search and view the offers
  • Extensive Merchant Database
  • Server Side CMS implementation
  • Client Platforms: Android and iPhone

Notch Social Community and Content SharingNotch Social Community and Content Sharing

Client Application Features:
  • Friends / Contacts Profile Management
  • Multi-Layer Security for Content sharing & Application access
  • Managing User Profile / Contacts Albums
  • Event Management
  • Contacts - Ratings & Targets
  • Apple in-app Purchase
  • Batches / Notches

Aparty Mobile Application                    Aparty Mobile Application

Client Application Features:
  • Multi-player gaming based on peer-to-peer iOS connectivity through Bluetooth / Wi-Fi networks
  • Live drinking game with real-time results based on hand movements
  • Score management with immediate ranking results for players
  • Rank & Score sharing on social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

Bathurst Mountain Survival ApplicationBathurst Mountain Survival Application

Client Application Features:
  • Clicking and Uploading Snaps
  • Rating Snaps
  • Profile Management
  • Location based Content categorization
  • Profile Analytics like Top charts
  • Hall Of Fame(All time favorites)
  • Sharing Snaps through Mails / MMS
  • Client Platforms: iPhone

Unipayment - M-commerce & PaymentsUnipayment - M-commerce & Payments

Client Application Features:
  • Logical Wallet for money transactions
  • Send/receive funds
  • Storing Credit and Debit Cards
  • Transaction History
  • Prepaid Reload
  • Location based offers from affiliated retailers
  • Check Balance
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Payment Reminders